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A range of twelve (12) competitors engaged in a tough competition on Oct 21st at Kampala Serena Hotel – one of the top notch hotels for upmarket travelers including those arriving for safaris in Uganda, in quest for the Miss Tourism 2017 crown.

This was the epitome of the boot camp that involved travelling across the Uganda safari destinations of Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Mburo National Parks equipping these tourism ambassadors with incredible knowledge about their country.

Among the twelve (12) participants who made it to the finals, Challa Elma proved great courage and knowledge regarding the sector. In fact, her vibrancy also earned her good votes on line and hence chosen Miss Popularity.

Challa Elma’s crown came along with a Mini Cooper from Radiant and is expected to represent the destination Uganda at Miss Tourism World to be held in Malaysia. This will be an opportunity to popularize the country’s incredible attractions and henceforth invigorate the interests of world travelers to take up holiday tours in Uganda.

The first runner up at the event was Gertrude Amuge from Teso cluster while the second runner up was Anita Ayebare from Ankole cluster.

The event was attended by many stake holders in the Uganda’s tourism industry including the Minister for Wildlife, Tourism and Antiquities Ephraim Kamuntu.  Such events are part of the MICE scheme which is one of the Uganda tour products that the country is developing.