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gorilla safaris in UgandaIt is such a thrilling encounter when someone undertakes mountain gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda exploring the famous gorillas in the mist of their natural habitat. The memories that gathers will stick with him throughout the life time.
It was an amazing encounter that on her first visit to Rwanda, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde encountered these critically endangered apes that thrive in the Virunga massif with the rest in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and always encountered on Uganda gorilla safaris.
The Virunga Mountains in the north west of Rwanda contains the Volcanoes National Park which has positioned its self as a famous destination for gorilla safari and tour in Rwanda. After arriving in Kigali on the night of 25th January, Christine Lagarde could not escape from the thrilling scenic drive to the mountain gorilla destination enjoying the Rwandan hillsides that have earned the dub as the land of a thousand hills with the road traversing these Rocky Mountains engulfed by thick green vegetation and impressive fog.
Following four hours gorilla trekking, she reached the climax of the 15,000 feet chain of Volcanoes where she was caught up by the thrilling fresh air of the Volcanoes. It was a couple of minutes before the famous Sabyinyo gorilla family highly sought for by travellers on Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris and tours because of its fast breeding and organization led by its great silverback Guhonda which is the largest of all the gorilla groups. This gorilla family has remained a preference no wonder the world’s famous Bill Gates also choose to name a baby from this group as Keza which means Cute.
This International figure could not escape the interest of other tourists who were on their gorilla safari in Rwanda. They expressed their interest for photos of which she interestingly granted to them. The certificate of appreciation and accomplishment was awarded to her after the trek. Her lunch break at Virunga Lodge made her appreciate the Rwanda’s ecological lodges that are crafted from traditional materials offering comfort and closeness to nature to Rwanda safari undertakers.
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