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caaAir transport in Uganda is not well developed and this has brought in CAA to help in improving the Operation of air transport with in the country since this will help in increasing the number of safaris to Uganda.

Plans of improving the sector with in the country are in the process and new Airport will be constructed with in Kampala and also Entebbe International Airport will be expanded so that it can handle more passengers especially those coming into the country. This will help in increasing Uganda safaris.

The development plan of 2040 in Uganda is mainly focusing on the development of a city airport which will mainly help in carrying out domestic flights with in the country; this will help in engaging more Ugandans to visit more tourism attractions which will later help in increasing safaris in Uganda and also increasing the revenues of the country.

Since Entebbe Airport is facing high traffic of tourists, developing a second Airport in Uganda will be of importance especially in developing the tourism sector with in the country. This will however help in increasing safari tours to the country.

Since Uganda was voted as the tourist destination by the lonely planet, this means that it has got many tourist attractions which are loved by many tourists from all over the world; these include mountain gorillas, chimpanzee, birds, culture wildlife and land scape/vegetation. Therefore developing more Airports will help in improving the tourism industry and also increasing safari tours.

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