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Sempaya hot springs -uganda safarisSempaya Female Hot Springs is found in Semuliki National park in the early 1990s was seen to have huge volumes of water at a very high velocity springing up and as attracted many safaris to Uganda since then but today, that speed is suddenly reducing and other hot springs have also toned down on their speed. This is because of changes in climate and therefore a threat to tourism industry.

Aggrey Oundo the Deputy warden in Charge of tourism at Semuliki National park said that those who visited the hot springs in the early 1990s saw the springs blowing up in the air unlike today where their speed is declining. The effects of climate change are really affecting Uganda’s only famous salted hot springs and therefore may lead to reduction of Uganda Safaris in Semuliki National Park

These hot springs are so amazing that one can boil an egg and it gets ready within ten minutes. Tourists on Uganda Safari to semuliki National park also have Sempaya female Hot springs as one of the highlights of their Safari.

Semuliki national park is found in western Uganda and covers an area of 220 square km. the Park is one of the newest gazetted national parks . It comprises of diverse attractions like Birds, mammals, reptiles and also having one of the pre-historic tree species which dates back to the period of ice age. The park attracts many Safaris in Uganda especially its sempaya female hot springs. Sempaya hot spring has a geyser shooting up from an eight-meter wide hot at hot temperatures.

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