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Scientifically referred to as Pycnonotus barbatus, the Common bulbul is one of the common bird species explored on Uganda birding safaris. It is recorded as a member of the bulbul family under the passerine birds and thrives in central, northern, north-east, west and East Africa.

The common bulbul is marked with relatively short and thin bill featuring a down curve on the upper mandible as always viewed on birding safaris in Uganda.  It has black feet, legs and bill while the eye is dark brown marked with a dark eye ring that is hardly visible. The common Bulbul stretches to18cm in length.

Regarding the distribution and habitat, the common bulbul is a common resident breeder in many parts of African continent thriving in coastal bush, woodland, forest edges, montane scrub, riverine bush and mixed farming habitats. Birders and other travellers on Uganda Safaris and tours always have high chances of encountering this bird species.

The common Bulbul is normally viewed on pairs or in small groups. It tends to sit at the top of the bush and together with other bulbuls can be active making a lot of noise. The common Bulbul feeds on fruit, seeds, nectar and insects.

Regarding breeding, the common Bulbul in the moist tropics nests throughout the year while in other areas, it is a seasonal breeder and mostly towards the beginning of the rainy season. Two – three eggs are always laid.

In terms of Conservation, the Common Bulbul is listed under the species of Least Concern on the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

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