Rwanda traditional dancersThe conservation of the wildlife and the forests in Rwanda has greatly been done by the local communities which have worked hand in hand with the management of the parks. This has helped in conserving the wildlife and the plant species so that the number of safaris can increase.

Communities in Rwanda have greatly tried to promote eco tourism which is an act of promoting tourism at the same time conserving the environment. This process has greatly helped in protecting the wildlife and also preventing destruction of the wildlife and the plants which later help in attracting tourists to come for Rwanda safaris.

The national parks management has come up to collaborate with the local communities in conserving the environment and the wildlife at the same time. This has helped to improve the tourism sector since many people have travelled to Rwanda to Visit the national parks in order to participate in safaris to Rwanda. This has been able due the operation of the park management which is emphasising the return of 10% of the profits to the local community.

The local communities have been encouraged to start making crafts and other local stuff which they can sell to the tourists who come for safaris to Rwanda; this will however help in improving the lives of the local people since they are able to earn some income from the tourist.

The national parks have been well protected and the forests have been preserved through encouraging the local community to stop encroaching on the park boundaries. This will help in protecting the wildlife and the plant species which will help in encouraging more tourists to come for safaris in Rwanda.

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