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uganda -entebbe highwayConnecting from Entebbe to Kampala is only 40kms but on a busy day, it can take traffic including those on safaris in Uganda over 2 hours due to presence of one highway connection. Entebbe is the main air entry point to and from Uganda which creates a lot of traffic on the only route that connects to it. Additionally, it is where the state house is situated along with residences of other dignitaries that travel with convoys. This has always made Entebbe transfers difficult and uncertain.
Fortunately, the government came up with the initiative of constructing the Entebbe express that is in form of bypass, passing through southern end of Kampala avoiding the city with the capacity to provide Uganda safari tour undertakers a quick connection that will be free from traffic and vehicle queuing. The government of Uganda in conjunction with the government of China have come together to implement the project.
The Entebbe Express will improve tourist satisfaction and experience in that they will not be at risk of missing their flights due to traffic jam and will be transferring easily to their safari destinations in far distances like the gorilla trekking safaris destination of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the Wildlife safari destination of Kidepo valley National Park.
The Entebbe Express will boast the transport network on Kampala city and will enable it to join the club of other cities where such networks already exists. And since transport is among the main components of the tourism industry, the Entebbe express will enhance the tourism and travel sector in Uganda.
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