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cultural toursRwenzori Mountains National Park also known as the Mountains of the Moon is located in western part of Uganda in district of Kasese along the border of Uganda and Congo. For long due to the Rwenzori mountains record of having the third highest peak in Africa, many travellers who are coming for safaris in Uganda request for hiking activities in this park and few have had an interesting cultural encounter experience in this wonderful destination and this is one of the best experiences which visitors should not miss while spending their safari in Uganda.
Uganda safari destination of Ruboni Community Camp located in Rwenzori Mountains offers visitors an opportunity to discover the calm, peaceful and hospitable farming village of Ruboni which is home of 2,000 Bakonzo living in the foothills of the Rwenzoris. Spending a walk with the local people living in this area as they explain their daily activities that range from raring their animals as well as growing crops to preparing meals with the freshest Ugandan ingredients is very much rewarding to the traveller who are  interested in knowing African cultures. The encounter becomes magnificent when you meet the blacksmith and traditional healer who will demonstrate how they conduct their traditional healing activities and also chance is provided for visitors to meet locals who are basket weavers and storytellers. The most enjoyment visit will get comes from a vibrant dance performance accompanied by lively drumming that is organized by the local people to impress the visitors.
Bulemba-Ihandiro Cultural Trail is one of the best trails where visitors planning a safari to Uganda can have real cultural encounter in Rwenzori region. The trail takes visitors through the fascinating six to seven hour walk through the traditional recognized holy valley as well as other sites of great cultural value to the traditional inhabitants of the Rwenzori Mountains called Bakonzo tribe. Upon reaching this community a local guide will introduce visitors to the respected traditional healer and he will also explain how the powers of the traditional healer work, known as Muhima and the very guide takes visitors to the local blacksmith, who will reveal to visitors the unique secrets of the spiritual significance of the traditional Bakonzo stool. The experience here is very much fascinating.
The best way to enjoy this cultural encounter is through confirming Safaris to Uganda because the different local trails take visitor across the River Kamusonge whose waters are believed to be very sweet and they act quickly to quench the thirst. There is also a break or rest in a hut to give visitors chance to enjoy the pleasant mountain views and also experience the shelter from the equatorial sun, After all that visitors embarking on one last interesting hour of walk direct to the only museum which is Centre for different cultural artifacts, crafts, stools and other historical items and the precious museum which is thatched in the local traditional Konzo style.
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