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batwa peopleUganda has variety of tourism products which are liked by the tourists who come for safari tours to Uganda. These include; wildlife tours, cultural tours, city tours, birding tours and many more which are loved by the tourists. However, cultural tourism is not well developed with in the country and that’s why the initiative has been developed with in the country.

Uganda wildlife Authority and many other organisations have come up to help in promoting culture tourism in Uganda. This will help in attracting more tourists to come for cultural safaris to Uganda, Uganda has got many cultural sites which are not well known by the international tourists and the local ones; these include, kabaka’s palace, kabaka’s lake, the batwa trail which exposes to the shortest people in the world and many more .

The batwa trail in Mgahinga national park is a good cultural initiative which has attracted many safaris to Uganda. This is because it’s the first of its kind in the region, this is found near the habitants of the mountain gorillas, and wildlife Authority has put in a lot of efforts in helping to enforce cultural tourism with in the country since this will help in promoting safaris to Uganda.

Uganda has got many cultural historical sites all over the country and this means that cultural tourism can be well promoted with in the country. This will help in attracting more tourists to travel to Uganda in order to enjoy safari tours with in the country. There are many organisations which have come up to encourage the local people to produce many cultural products so that they can be able to earn a living from the incomes of the tourists who come for safaris.

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