uganda cultural safariUganda is endowed with 65 tribal groups most of which have got diverse and unique traditions worth of encountering while on safari in Uganda. These tribal groups settle in varied landscapes of the country and practice different livelihood practices. Ranging from the nomadic Karimojong in the semi-arid landscapes of the north east to the Batwa forest people that thrive in rain forests of south west, Uganda has got a wide range of cultures some of which are related while others differ greatly thus forming a diverse ground that would leave a cultural traveller on Uganda safari mesmerized.
Previously, Uganda has always been known for gorilla trekking safaris and wildlife safaris including chimpanzee trekking safari with little consideration for cultural tours and yet it is the most diverse country in Africa with people living in harmony. The organized Kingdoms of Buganda, Bunyoro, Toro and Ankole date back in the ancient times before the coming of the colonialists while other chiefdoms also spread across the east and northern reins all with great heritage that still live up to today in form of artifacts, stories while others are still functioning which is very interesting to encounter especially in this era of globalization while on Uganda safaris.
The heritage roots of the historical Chwezi people who were thought to be semi-gods that ruled the large expanse of the great lakes region and left great counts of landmarks thrived in Uganda and their center was at Bigo-bya-Mugyenyi in Ntutsi which is very thrilling to include on your itinerary while planning a safari holiday to Uganda.
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