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uganda safarisThe Uganda Civil Aviation Authority has undertook a quite decisive step of suspending the five air carriers from operating their usual flight routine to outside countries of the traffic sometimes include Uganda safari undertakers.

The current news show that at least five possessors of Air Operation Certificates in Uganda have been barred from operating commercial flights (Passenger and Cargo) from the country. The affected carriers include; Kampala Aero club, Air Surf, Ndege Aviation, Flight Training Centre (KAFTC) and Asante Aviation. This comes in addition to other three carriers that had earlier faced suspension including; Transafrik International, Uganda Air Cargo and Air Uganda. This fleet is a lot and it might definitely pose travel challenge to travellers willing to undertake safaris to Uganda.

This move by Uganda Civil Aviation Authority comes after the June 11 – 17 safety audit review by the International Civil Aviation Organization. The Ugandan Authority asserts that the affected carriers had safety concerns that required them to conform to the safety benchmarks before they come back into operating international flights.

These regulations have the pros and cons to Uganda safari travelers. The advantage is that the passenger safety is highly cherished here in Uganda thus the country is not motivated by short term gains but long tern sustainability of transport sector. However, in a meantime the air travel connection may be a challenge to Uganda safari travelers due to limited choices.

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