luwero triangleUganda the pearl of Africa is regaining its position as the number one destination in Africa the position that it maintained in the 1960th before the 1970 when the civil wars and political unrest stormed the country and lowered the number of safaris in the country. By the fact that the country is now very safe and number of safaris are increasing, there is need to develop the dark tourism in order to diversify the tourism attractions in the Uganda. As the nations are increasing establishing different dark tourism sites to tap on the increasing influx of tourists across the world, Uganda needs to copy what has been done exactly from the neighboring countries such as Rwanda were different memorial museums have been built and to day these are drastically attracting many safaris to Rwanda.
Uganda has potential to develop dark tourism because the country is dotted with different sites containing past human horror and these have not been developed and marketed to attract different travelers to undertake safaris to Uganda particularly to these dark sites. Some of the prominent site which needs attention is the Luwero triangle massacres of early 1980s caused by the civil war between Obote’s government and the NRA rebels. In this particular site government soldiers decided to burn down all the nearby villages in search for the rebels. Such site need to be gazzetted and opened to tourists t visit in order to listen to the past history of what actually happened in the place. The skulls of the victims that were affected by the civil war and a lined along the road for commemoration in Luwero can be well marketed for dark tourism.
The other prominent sites where tourist can enjoy dark tourism safaris in Uganda if developed include the Kibweetere slaughter in Kanungu where a self-pronounced prophet identified as Joseph Kibweetere decided to lock up all his followers in a church building and sacrificed them by setting fire in the building. This sorrowful event happened in the year 2000 and today this can be converted as tourist’s attraction site where travelers on Uganda safaris and tours can share the sorrowful moments with the relatives of the victims that where affected in that year. In the northern part of Uganda, there are various sites of human violence in the eastern and northern parts of Uganda that occurred in the last conflict between the current government of Uganda and the LRA rebels. All these have been given less attention but if well developed and marketed it can be great dark tourism sites which can be visited by various travelers on their tours and safaris in Uganda.
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