kasese rescueThe environment has been greatly affected by investors who have specially used the environment for industry development. This has brought about pollution to the surrounding environment hence affecting Uganda safaris which are directed towards nature.The government should put in more resources in order to protect wetlands and water bodies with in the country so that the natural environment can be kept in order. This includes the forests, the national parks, water bodies, and the game reserves. This will encourage the tourists to visit such places which will help in improving safaris to Uganda. In order to improve safaris in Uganda, the public and the private sector should get away of managing waste and also controlling pollution so that the environment can well be protected and conserved so as to encourage the visitors to visit well protected areas filled with animals and plants.Pollution in Uganda has greatly been brought about by the pollution of the environment and the water sources which is brought about by urbanization, intensive agriculture and industrialization which is seriously taking place in Uganda. This has greatly brought about degradation of the environment hence an effect to the tourism sector since it mostly depends on the environment. Safaris can be well improved through limiting industrialization especially in the swamps and near animal habitats so that the flora and fauna can be well conserved and preserved in the protected areas especially in National parks were the wildlife is kept.

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