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buffalo in kidepo valley national parkKidepo National Park in the north east of Uganda is a prime destination highly treasured on Uganda safari. It contains a range of game, birds and a very unique land scape that all combine to give it an inclusion while planning safari to Uganda.

The development partners of Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) have offered USD$3.08m as a monetary effort to the Uganda government to finance the conservation of Uganda safari destination of Kidepo Valley National Park. The monetary assistance is meant to protect the threatened Kidepo savannah woodland and these efforts will be executed by National Environmental Management Authority in conjunction with Uganda Wildlife Authority.

The efforts are directed at increasing the strength of management effectiveness of the critical Uganda safari landscape of Kidepo and encouraging investments in this protected area. This is taking into account the National Parks’ economic sustainability and sustainable ecological management systems.

The project is set to bring out things like; increased protected area coverage and enhanced buffer zones integrity to conserve refugia of wildlife during dry season, decrease in poaching pressures, score for protected area management effectiveness in areas like Nyangea-Napore, Zulia, Morungole, Timu, Rom and Lwala, enabling increment in the key indicator species like Zebra, Buffalo and elephants which ensure sustainable wildlife safaris to Uganda.

Others include; integrating protected area management in the broader landscape by the use of shear nut butter tree as a trial, managing Karenga Community Wildlife to enhance dispersal range for wildlife which in turn will broaden Uganda safari scope, expand the security enforcement system and introducing the protected area financial plan regarding forecasts on investment and collections from Uganda safari undertakers.

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