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Dian Fossey left a legacy for mountain gorillas in Rwanda-Rwanda safari News

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Dian dian fossey Rwandafossey was a primatologist who worked hard to see that mountain gorillas can be conserved and preserved with in their habitants, `she did this in volcanoes national park , a park which harbours over 300 mountain gorillas and these have greatly attracted many mountain gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda. She greatly worked hard to protect the mountain gorillas.

The international gorilla conservation programme which is responsible for the protection of the mountain gorillas also recommended Dian fossey as the woman who worked hard in the in protecting the gorillas which helped in increasing their numbers in Rwanda, this has greatly helped in increasing gorilla tracking safaris and also the revenues of the country.

Dian fossey’s tomb is found in Volcanoes national park, many people have visited this place and have paid their tribute to this great conservationist, and this has raised a lot of incomes to the tourism sector of Rwanda. All the countries in Africa which have got these unique species have come up to help in the conservation and maintaining of the gorillas, this will help in increasing their numbers and also improve gorilla safaris to Rwanda.

Dian Fossey has a passion that she instilled in working together with a purpose of conservation of the mountain gorillas. Many people have come up through her inspiration to also protect the mountain gorillas through conserving them. This shouldn’t only be done on the mountain gorillas but also with other wildlife species with in the national parks, this will help in increasing their numbers and improving the safaris to Rwanda.

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January 25th, 2014|Safari News|