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gorilla eatingGorillas mostly feed on leaves, shoots, fruits, grasses and so many others.  They collect these themselves and eat on their own pace. This makes them eat as much as the gorillas can and this makes them healthy and attractive therefore attracting more gorilla tracking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda hence improving the tourism sector in those countries.

Gorillas use their hands and gather a lot of strength to break the vegetation and get the part that they want to eat. That is especially when they need bananas from the banana plant and this amazes the tourists who get the opportunity to watch these gorillas while on their gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. While sucking water gorillas use their hair on the back of their hands so as to absorb it and take the good water for their health which make tourist more happy hence causing more trekking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.

Gorillas are wise animals that tourists should not miss trekking on their safaris in Uganda. They know how to harvest the vegetation so as to be able to get what to eat in the next season. This is so because they do not harvest more from one area so as to give room for more vegetation to grow in the next period. This is really exciting therefore attracting more gorilla safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.

Gorillas make tourists on gorilla tracking safaris happy when selecting for the particular parts that they consume on the vegetation. This is done by their active lips and hands to peel off what they do not want and remain with only what they want. On the vegetation, gorillas only eat the nub, roots, leaves and stalk. This is an experience that tourists must carry out while on their safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.

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