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chimpanzeeRwanda has got a fast growing tourism industry and this has helped it to improve and develop its sector within a short period of time. The main factor which has helped Rwanda develop at a fast rate has been the diversification of the tourism sector which has helped it to perform many tasks so as to help the people of Rwanda gain from their nature around them. This has however helped in increasing the number of safaris to Rwanda.

 Rwanda’s main strategy is to mainly focus on the low numbers of tourist arrivals which can bring about high revenues since this can help in bringing about sustainable tourism with in the country. Sustainable tourism is the main pillar of tourism development in any country and this can help in the conservation ant preservation of the national parks and the wildlife hence helping in increasing the number of safaris to Rwanda.

Rwanda has been exceeding the many targets with tourism receipts which is expected to double this year, there has been key investments in accommodation and unique tourism products which have been made which will help in contributing to the growth and sustainability of the tourism industry of Rwanda.it has also focused on diversifying its tourism products and also emphasize the promotion of safaris with in the country.

The efforts which have been put in by the government have also led to the increasing numbers of tourists who come for safari tours to Rwanda. Diversification is one of the main pillars of developing tourism with in the country. This has also helped in increasing the GDP and the revenues of the country.

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February 25th, 2014|Safari News|