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kabaka's lake ugandaThe Dutch students on October 17, 2014 arrived for a safari in Uganda along with their Teacher and freelance Journalist And Boersma on an educational tour that saw them explore various areas among which included the Observer news room. The students have had enough about Uganda regarding her gay policies, children malnutrition among others which turned out to be different than what they had seeing on the International media.
As part of their tour, they incorporated in a Kampala city tour which is one the prime Uganda safari products that tourists always go for. It was on Saturday when they gathered at the national theatre along with students from Uganda to embark on this encounter.
The tour took them to Kabaka’s palace in Mengo well known for its cultural heritage of the Baganda and the famous Amin’s torture chambers where over 2,000 people were killed in cold blood during the dictatorial regime of Idi Amin in 1970s. The blood stained walls and blood writings of the victims live to justify these horrific acts. The Uganda safari tour of Kampala continued to incorporate the museum, Old Kampala mosque and the Baha’i Temple which is the only Temple of the Baha’i in Africa.
They enjoyed the warm Ugandan weather and enjoyed the hangouts in Kampala happening places, jumping on bodabodas, bar-hopping at night among other interesting things. They got impressed by Uganda’s cheap beer that appears in large volumes compared to back in Holland. It was such amazing encounter that one of the group members had opted to stay behind provided it was arranged. This reveals that Uganda is a hidden treasure and once made known has  great deal of attracting many travellers to undertake safaris to Uganda.
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