gorilla trekking safaris in East AfricaThe East African countries have finally launched a single tourist visa and this has been done by the main three countries which want to improve the tourism sector on the African continent. The heads of states have launched the visa and this will help in increasing the number of people who participate in safaris with in the east African countries.

This launch will also complement some other projects which will help in promoting the tourism sector. Many people will be encouraged to come to east Africa for safaris since this will help in increasing the revenues of the country. Some international tourists were given tourist visas and these will help them to enjoy all the east African countries without any restrictions.

The heads of states also launched the use of national identity cards , the student cards  and also the voters cards which the citizens can use whenever they are traveling to other east African countries, this will help in promoting the national tourism which will help in increasing the number of people who enjoy safari tours with in East Africa.

The tourist visa will help in making east Africa competitive with other top tourist destinations which are found in Africa and also across the world, with the visa, the tourists who come for safari visits have got many choices of getting value of their money through seeing many attractions in more than one country.

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