Uganda has attrvirungasacted many safaris due to the presence of mountains, forests and waterfalls. These are mostly located in the eastern and Northern Uganda. While the tourists track has always run south west, those interested in the land of mountains, waterfalls and forests should try the eastern side of Uganda.

The most distinctive geographical feature which has increased safaris to Uganda is Mount Elgon, which is the world’s largest standing volcanic mountain. Along its slopes, climbers   will encounter waterfalls, forests, montane features; there is a variety of wildlife on this mountain which has attracted visitors and climbers.

Uganda hosts the magnificent Murchison falls which are located in the northern part of Uganda, these falls have attracted many safaris in Uganda, because of their scenic beauty which is admired by the visitors. There are many tourist activities which can be engaged in by the tourists.

Along the way to the eastern Uganda, there lies the mighty Mabira Forest which has got many species of trees, birds and a variety of wildlife. This forest is known to be the largest forest in Uganda and it has been visited by many tourists who come for Uganda Safaris. There are many tourist activities which can be enjoyed in Mabira forest and these include; the nature walks, cycling, bird watching, research and the game drives.

Kidepo National Park is also another spectacular park in the north; it has got forests, good land scape and many more. It’s one of Africa’s most magnificent wildernesses with many animals including; the elephants, giraffes, zebras, eland, loins, cheetah and the hyena, this park has been enjoyed by tourists who come for safaris to Uganda, which has helped to raise enough revenue for the Park.

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