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echuya forest-imagePositioned in the south west of Uganda, Echuya forest is among the tropical forests of Uganda that have got the potential of being encountered by Uganda safari undertakers. The forest lies along Kabale Kisoro road with impressive bio-diversity amidst the most densely populated rural areas of Kigezi sub-region.
Echuya Forest Reserve has 152 species of birds of which eighteen (18) of these are endemic to the Albertine rift valley including the; endangered Grauer’s Swamp-warbler which is also highly sought after by travellers on birding safaris in Uganda.
The Echuya extending to 3,400ha has got diverse fauna and flora. In fact, 80% of this landscape is covered by mature Hagenia abyssinica and Macaranga kilimandscharia while the 20% is covered by Yushania alpina – mountain bamboo. Muchuya swamp which thrives in Echuya Forest Reserve occurs on a high altitude making it unique and worth visiting by travellers on Uganda safaris. This swamp has significant counts of 30 – 50 endangered Grauer’s swamp warbler which qualifies the forest to be listed among the 30 Important Bird Areas of Uganda by Birdlife International.
The Batwa people who are among the last surviving groups of short people on earth also live close to the forest and makes perfect community encounters. All these combine to qualify Echuya forest reserve to be put on lists of travellers while planning safari tours to Uganda.
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