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wildlife in ugandaThis legendary horse marked by strips thrives in the expanse lands of south and east of Africa in various countries including Uganda. Burchell’s Zebra which are usually encountered on Uganda safaris thrive in large herds but their basic social unit is a small somehow stable family group that comprises of a stallion stretching up to five mares and their offspring. These Uganda safari tour products have got horse like body shape thought they have short manes, erect hair tufted tail tops and stripped coats.
The glittering coats reflect approximately 70% of incoming heat and the stripes enable Zebras to withstand great deal of solar radiation. This partly explains why they thrive in the hot savannah landscapes which seem to have great deal of temperatures even for travellers on safari in Uganda. The coat setting which features black and white stripes offers a camouflaging avenue as the coloration breaks up the body setting and though highly visible during the day, their coat helps them at the dawn and at the sun set when the predators seem to b be active.
The Burchell’s zebras scientifically known as equus burchelli thrive in the savannah landscapes characterized by open grasslands as they largely feed on grass. In Uganda, these species thrive in the similar ecosystems of Lake Mburo National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park and Pian Upe game reserve. Lake Mburo is gifted with great number of these species far from the other two. Zebras are enthusiastic grazers and are in constant quest for green pastures though they can still thrive on dry coarse pastures in the dry seasons as long as they a close to a water body to quench their thirst.
Mother zebras hide their foal for 2-3 days until it gets to know it by voice sight and smell. Another thing that should be noted about these species that even pull travellers to undertake safari tours to Uganda is that even though all foals draw much attachment to their mothers, the male counterparts tend to incline towards their fathers and leave the group on their choice in between 1 – 4 years joining a bachelor group until they grow stronger to head the family.
Another important note to consider is that Zebras also act as prey for other animals that are also encountered on Uganda safari like lions, spotted hyenas and rarely hunting dogs, leopard and cheetah. The encounter with zebras in Uganda can be arranged along with gorilla trekking safaris tour in Uganda or wildlife safari holiday in Uganda.
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