golden monkey- Virunga volcanoes RwandaBelonging to the descendants of ancestral monkeys in the primate category, the golden monkeys are among the unique primate species that can be encountered on Uganda safaris or Rwanda safaris by world travellers.
Thriving only in the Virunga massif that stretches from Uganda through Rwanda to DR Congo, the golden monkeys are listed as endangered on the IUCN Red list. Scientifically referred to as Cercopithecus mitis kandti with 48 – 67cm in size for  males and 46 – 53cm for females and weighing 4.5 – 7kg up to 12kg  for males and  females  3.5 – 4.5kg  and with a life span of up to 19 years, golden monkeys thrive in the Afromontane and Bamboo forests which largely makes them endemic to mountainous landscapes. No wonder, it’s where they can be found while on safaris in Uganda and Rwanda.
They are sub species of Blue Monkeys but golden monkeys have got reddish color on their back and their sides along with grizzled darker patches. The golden monkeys thrive in groups of 30 – 80 members as they can be seen while on Uganda safaris and tours or Rwanda safaris and tours with a gestation period of five (5) months.
The golden monkey species have been habituated and can be encountered on your safari tours in Uganda and Rwanda in the parks of Mgahinga and Volcanoes in Uganda and Rwanda respectively. The golden monkey tracking activity starts at 8:00am and lasts about 4 hours including one full hour of direct encounter with these species. Due to nature of the habitats which is mountainous, the hiking encounters cannot be avoided which makes it interesting and worth including on your safari tour to Uganda.
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