mt elgon - ugandaPosing as a shield extinct volcano at the border of Uganda and Kenya, Mount Elgon is one of the impressive Uganda safari destinations that have always lured people into a state of amazement. Standing at 4,321m above sea level, the Wagagai peak rises to the skies becoming the eighth and fourth in Africa and East Africa respectively.
Mount Elgon is known to be the oldest and the largest standalone Volcano stretching to an area of 3,500km2 with one of the largest intact mountain calderas in the world which prompts world travelers to plan safaris to Uganda.
Mount Elgon is endowed with lots of geological features including remarkable caves and cliffs marked with impressive flowing water falls. The Kitum cave which extends about 200m inside the Elgon Mountain provide a common dwelling for wild elephants licking salt is an impressive place to encounter by travellers on safaris in Uganda.
Elgon Mountain has got red laterite soils and the paradise is also rewarding water catchment area for a range of rivers including the Suam River which turns to Turkwel downstream before draining in Lake Turkana. The Mountain also has impressive and remarkable flora some of is unique and rare including; Carduus afromontanus, Ardisiandra wettsteinii, Echinops hoehnelii not forgetting Romulea keniensis. The first circumnavigation of Elgon Mountain was carried out in 1896 by Hobley and the eventual ascend to Wagagai and Koitobs was made by Jackson Martin in 1911
The mountain us surrounded by a range of ethnic groups including the Ndorobo, Sabinyo and the Bagisu. These tribes have impressive traditions that would contribute to the great satisfaction of the travelers in Uganda safaris and tours.
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