tree climbing lionsDubbed the King of the Jungle, it is one of those memorable life moments to encounter a lion hanging on a tree branch like a monkey but since surprises never cease to happen, Uganda safaris opens your door to this world of amazement.
Thriving in the southern sector of Queen Elizabeth national Park famously known as Ishasha, the tree climbing lions are unique species that only exist in Uganda and Tanzania’s Lake Manyara in the whole world. The Ishasha section which is also endowed with great counts of other wild game including; elephants, buffalos, Kobs among others normally encountered on wildlife safaris in Uganda thriving across the rolling savannah combretum, has got amounts of short fig trees that are scattered all over the section facilitating the climbing of lions which in turn generates remarkable memories by travellers on Uganda safari tours.
The cause behind the climbing of lions is not yet clear and various arguments range from escaping the hot ground conditions to escaping from the bites of tsetse flies on the ground. But as researchers are still contemplating about the cause, the world leisure travellers continue to plan safari tours to Uganda to encounter these tree climbing lions alongside other attractions and activities like Chimpanzee trekking, gorilla trekking along with other activities.
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