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Rwanda hasgorillas in rwanda got over 500 mountain gorillas which are found in volcanoes national park, these have been trekked by many tourists who come for gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda, which has helped in increasing the amount of revenue to the country and also developing the country.

Mountain gorillas in Rwanda are so interesting and that’s why they have attracted many gorilla tracking safaris to Rwanda.Many travelers have had a chance to participate in the tracking of the mountain gorillas in Rwanda. this has provided a great experience and adventure to the tourist which has helped in increasing the number of tourists to Rwanda, which has helped in developing the tourism sector .

It’s about 23,000 tourists who have visited Rwanda gorillas, which has helped in making tourism, the country’s largest source of job creation. Rwanda Development Board has greatly marketed the mountain gorillas around the world, and this has helped in increasing the number of tourists who come for gorilla safaris to Rwanda.

The naming of the gorillas has greatly helped in increasing the tour visits to Rwanda since many tourists are interested in adventuring the naming ceremony with in the national park. The tourism sector has greatly benefited from this ceremony which has also increased the amount of revenues to the country.

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