Ngamba Island Chimpanzee SanctuaryNgamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is one of the closest Uganda Safari sites from Kampala or Entebbe offering a touch of wildlife, adventure, education and recreation.

Known for its counts of Orphaned Chimpanzees, Ngamba Island is part of the Lake Victoria Koome Islands and is seated at 23km to the South East of Entebbe along the geographical coordinates 32.39’E and 0.06’S covering a geographical spread of 100 acres of which the 98 are under forest cover as always viewed by visitors on Uganda Safaris and tours.

The altitude of Ngamba Island is a flat landscape rising gently towards the south with an estimated elevation of 3800 feet above Sea level.  Prior to the introduction of Chimpanzees, Ngamba Island had a resident fishing community who were evicted by the year 1997. Two (2) acres of forest cover had already been cleared among which the main Island camp site is currently stationed. The rest of the open land is utilized

as a feeding ground for Chimpanzees and the chimpanzee viewing platform where those on tour in Uganda to the Island stand.

The decision to turn the Island to a Chimpanzee Sanctuary took effect in October 1998 and Chimpanzees that would be rescued from poachers along with the Orphaned chimpanzees saw their way to the Island with the capture and transfer undertaken by Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Therefore with this background, undertaking a family mini-break holiday can never be in anyway a regretful decision. Equipped with beautiful en suite Safari tents, the Ngamba Island offers a tranquil stay to the family group overlooking the vast waterscape of Lake Victoria that can as well be explored further on a sun set cruise up to the nearest Island.  The 45 minute boat cruise to and from the Island is an experience of its own encountering the local fishermen in the lake and a range of small Islands en route.

The beach recreation activities on the Island like Soccer, Kayaking and Swinging provide a perfect break from the extensive studies about the life of Chimpanzees on the Island including their feeding, sleeping, veterinary and general caring. The walk in the chimpanzee forest offers the taste of them inside the forest and the lush flora itself though this activity has a minimum age requirement. This combined qualify the mini-break to Ngamba Island to be listed among the must attempt short safaris and tours in Uganda.