Kazinga channel boat cruise queen elizabethQueen Elizabeth National Park is blessed with diverse ecosystems and the eco-system ranges from savanna vegetation to the shady vegetation plus event the stunning frothy lakes, as well as humid forests and fertile wetlands which make the park the most favorable for the world’s big game as well as ten individual primate species with even the world endangered species of the chimpanzees .The park is said to be habitat to 95 species of mammals and over 600bird species. The Ishasha sector in the Rukungiri side of queen Elizabeth national park is popularly known for its rare species of the tree-climbing lions and the diversity of the eco-system in the park has for so long acted as pulling factor for various tourists interested in wildlife experiences and hence interesting wildlife safaris in Uganda.
Taking visit to the park offers an encounter with the big Game because the park is said to be habitat to 95 species of mammals and more surprisingly the park also houses to an estimated number of 5000 hippos as well as an approximated total number of 2500 elephants and also over 10,000 individual buffalos are roaming in the park’s grasslands vegetation and shorelines, Uganda’s most popular tourist destination of Queen Elizabeth guarantees visitors who spare time to spend safaris in Uganda to enjoy the sightings and views of some of Africa’s most popular species of wildlife. The magical experience one can get from hearing the roaring sound of the elephants surviving around Queen’s crater-filled valleys is big reward for any traveller who books safaris to Uganda.
The Park is endowed with species of the big cat family and it’s the reason as to why the park is well-known and receiving main safaris in Uganda. The species of the cat family easily seen include the lions as well as the large -solitary cat full brown coat color dotted with black spots species of the Leopards, Serval, Civet, and Genal Cats. Lions are distributed in all the parts of the park; however the most well-known and unique are the tree-climbing lions in the southern part of the Ishasha sector and these type of lions are uncommon and they enjoy staying on the branches of the fit trees. The species of the leopards which can be watched in this protected area are easily watched at night .Exploring this park is really very rewarding to travellers because one can have chance to view all the big animals protected and conserved in this protected area. The other smaller members of the cat family are also nocturnal species and hence night game drives are recommendable for any visitor interested in the views of these stunning wildlife species
The varied habitats of Queen Elizabeth houses around ten individual species of primates and of these the remarkable species being the chimpanzees. The other interesting primate species include Vervet monkeys as well as the well decorated species of the white and-black colobus monkeys which can be easily spotted and sighted in the trees. The oldest primate species in the park is the stubborn baboons which tend to grab tourist’s food from the vichleces if the car widows. All these primate species are responsible for the many Uganda safaris because they can be easily watched and trekked in the park of Queen Elizabeth in the pearl of African Uganda.
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