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akagera -national parkTaking safaris to Rwanda’s Akegera national park widens your chances of having wonderful wildlife encounter in Africa. The safari allows you to explore Akagera national park which is a big game national park in Rwanda housing an estimated total of 8,000 large animals’ species.
The interesting wild game found in Akagera national park includes mainly the rare plains animal species like the Impala and Topi which mostly prefer inhabiting savannah vegetation and the best way one can easily have an interesting encounter with these wildlife species is through under taking safaris to Rwanda. The park also is home for the rare species eland, oribi as well as Masai giraffe which are commonly found in masai-mara in Kenya, bushbuck, reedbuck, Defassa waterbuck, sable, and antelopes. The commonly seen species include the Burchall’s zebra, hippo and the crocodiles among others. In terms of extraordinary wildlife experiences, the park is the best destination to any traveler on wildlife safaris in Rwanda.
The tour will also provide visitors on Rwanda Safaris the opportunity to explore the unique different types of AKagera flora which act as natural habitat to different unique forms of wildlife, birds and other eco-system. Among the common flora types include the, papyrus swamps which house the different bird species including the rare shoe bill. Forest fringed lakes as well as savannah plains vegetation are present in the park and rolling highlands.
For travelers who are bird lover, a safari to Rwanda’s Akegera will be of greatest memories to you because you will have chance to enjoy the sights and views of over 480 bird species which are attracted to stay in the different diverse vegetation zones found in Akagera Park. Some of the species include the African fish eagles, marabou stork in the swamp areas of the park as well as crowned cranes, cormorants and open-billed stork, herons and egrets. The two days safari will start from and End in Kigali.
The best way of enjoying the wildlife in Akagera is through taking short boat trip which will give you the opportunity to get close to the plentiful of water inhabitant animals like hippos, Crocodiles, buffaloes, elephants, and water birds including numerous African fish eagles, open-billed stork marabou stork, and cormorants, crowned cranes, egrets and herons. On good day you may even get to see the elusive shoe-bill stork. Boat trips along the shores of Lake Ihema usually take 1-2 hour and with this period of time tourist on safaris and tours in Rwanda will have full memories of adventure and wildlife encounter.
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