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entebbe-airportEntebbe – the main gateway used by many travelers to Uganda including those on Safaris to Uganda has been listed as the 2016 most visited city in the region of East Africa beating other regional famous cities including Kampala, Nairobi, Kigali, Dar es Salaam and Addis Ababa.

It is estimated that a count of 616,700 visitors will visit Entebbe in the year 2016 alone according to the newly released results by MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index that ranked the 132 world’s most visited countries.  Amazingly, these estimated visitors to Entebbe including the Uganda Safari tour undertakers are anticipated to make an expenditure of $419 million.

Entebbe City comes on the eighth position in the range of thirteen (13) cities that were ranked in Africa. It is number one in the region of East Africa followed by Nairobi that is expected to make a count of 323,859 visitors including those on Africa Safari tours in East Africa with an estimated expenditure of $187 million.

The most visited city on the continent of Africa is Johannesburg – the largest city in South Africa the position it has held for the last four years. It is anticipated to raise 3.6 million people with an expenditure of $1.7 billion. The other cities that followed include; Cairo, Cape Town and Casablanca among others in that order.

On world scale, the cities of Bangkok in Thailand, London in UK, Paris in France and New York in USA are noted as the highly visited cities.

Entebbe is a home to Entebbe International Airport, several hotels including Protea, Serena Resort, Imperial Hotels, Boma along wtih guesthouses and back packers. It shelters the northern shores of Lake Victoria – the largest lake in Africa with lots of sandy beaches and is home to Uganda Wildlife Education Center formerly Entebbe Zoo where counts of Uganda wildlife and birds can be explored. It is a destination of itself and travelers on Uganda Safaris and tours always include it on their travel programmes.