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enterEntrepreneurship is a skill that many people can get even while out of school. This is so good for the developing countries since it helps boost the economy of the country hence attracting more tourists to invest in the country as they come for Uganda safaris and Rwanda safaris. This is so because it does not require a lot of capital but however more rewarding. This makes it easy for people to star up these businesses hence developing the economy and attract more safaris to Uganda and Rwanda.

These small businesses are carried out in the country and this can therefore help the country earn a lot of domestic taxes therefore developing the economy so as to attract more Rwanda safari and Uganda safari. The taxes help to boost more sectors in Uganda and Rwanda which provides employment opportunities to people hence fighting poverty. This therefore makes Uganda and Rwanda a better place to live therefore increasing safaris to Uganda and Rwanda.

The domestic taxes are invested in the construction of the infrastructures in Uganda and Rwanda therefore making the countries the top tourist destinations hence attracting Uganda safaris and Rwanda safari visits. Infrastructures like Roads, hotels, lodges, restaurants, hospitals and the different tourist sites are developed therefore providing better services to the tourists on safari tours in Uganda and Rwanda hence boosting tourism in the countries.

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