uganda equator UGANDA SAFARISEquator is an imaginary line which divides the earth into two equal parts. Uganda the country full of blessings is among the countries which have been crossed by the Equator

The equator for long has been the country’s attraction and thus leading to many safaris in Uganda. Tourists while on Uganda safari always make a stopover at the equator to take photographs and to feel the world in two equal parts at the same time.

The equator has given a lot of questions on people’s mind because of the magic that happens when you are in both sides at the same time. Uganda safaris is giving the opportunity to enjoy  beautiful moment and therefore have a word to say back home.

Not only is this beautiful country blessed with the Equator but also the diversity of its wildlife. Who could have ever imagine that such a small country can have the greatest number of wildlife including the endangered Mountain gorillas found in only three countries in the whole world.

Ranging from the tropical rain forest to savannah grassland, Uganda shocks you with its diverse wildlife. The country has ten National Parks with very large number of wild games which has attracted a lot of safaris to the country.

Just imagine where the source of the second largest river in the world and the country with the Largest in land water and second largest fresh water in the world is, that then will give you a clue about the secret beauty of Uganda. Therefore make Uganda a must visit destination on your safari and have nothing to regret about.

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July 9th, 2014|Safari News|