During the Buganda Tourism Expo Ugandans were urged by the European Union head to Uganda to boost their cultural heritages because culture is the most interesting and unique attraction in Uganda. This will therefore attract so many Uganda safaris and help to develop Uganda through the more revenues that will be generated from the tourists coming for safaris to Uganda.

Culture in Uganda is distributed in different kingdoms of Uganda including the Buganda Kingdom, Bunyoro Kingdom, Busoga Kingdom and so many others. These kingdoms therefore have different cultures, beliefs, values, traditions and heritages that all can be exposed to tourists while on their Uganda safari. This will help market the tourism sector in Uganda hence increasing more safaris in Uganda.

The European Union Head to Uganda said all this can be marketed to improve domestic market so as to raise more funds to boost Uganda’s economy and as well to foreign market so as to increase the foreign exchange earnings in Uganda. This will contribute to the economic growth of Uganda as the money will be invested in other businesses hence creating employment opportunities and fight poverty in the country. This will make Uganda a good place to live in therefore attracting more Uganda safaris.

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