murchison-falls-national-parkBalloon Tours in Uganda are among the new products that have come along with uniqueness and unusual experiences suiting the travel needs of contemporary sophisticated travelers.

In replacement of the traditional game drive, Murchison Falls National Park offers a more defined way for the Uganda Wildlife Safari undertakers to explore the unique park landscapes especially the northern savannah section where a myriad of wild game thrive and the Ariel views of River Nile.

With established roots in Egypt, the Hot Air Balloon Operators in Murchison Falls National Park have a rich experience of operating the very service even in the neighboring East African countries thus would be trusted to take one on a flight in the wild.

The range of  Balloon options are available for the passenger use including the 100,000 cubic feet – the smallest, 160,000 cubic feet – the medium, 210,000 cubic feet – large balloon, 360,000 cubic feet – extra large balloon and 500,000 cubic feet – group balloon. In destination Uganda, the medium Balloon is used which has the capacity to carry eight (8) Uganda Safari undertakers and the size is ideal for honeymooners, family travel and private groups.

The Ultramagic type M-160 Balloon made in Spain and registered by the Civil Aviation Authority operates daily flights in Murchison Falls National Park subject to demand. Flying to 10,000 feet above sea level, the Balloon has a certificate of Air worthiness and maintained regularly by a certified Engineer of Hot Air Balloons while the Pilots are licensed by Ugandan and Egyptian Civil Aviation Authorities with 1000+ flying hours.

The Balloon Experience is conducted early in the morning and one full hour is spent in the air exploring the magical beauty of the park. It is such amazing experience to have Arial views of herds of elephants, Buffaloes, prides of lions, Rothschild Giraffes, populations of Jackson Hartebeest, Oribi, Uganda Kobs, Waterbucks among others, the amazing scenic wonders of Murchison Falls – the most powerful in the world and the fascinating Nile River as it empties into Lake Albert where schools of Hippos and the sights of Nile crocodiles may be explored. The breathtaking picturesque experience is crowned by a thrilling bush breakfast generating perfect Uganda Africa Safari holiday memories. The cost is only $380 per person.