dian fossy-rwandaThe famous Dian Fossey was an American researcher who dedicated her time to conserve and protect the endangered species of the mountain gorillas which are today attracting many gorilla safari tours to Rwanda. The American conservationist settled in Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park in the year 1967 when she even established Karisoke Gorilla Research Centre where she used to base to sensitize masses not to poach the gorillas.
Dain Fossey who was dubbed Nyirmachabelli, by the local Rwandan people played great role in conserving mountain gorillas up to the year 1978 when she was murdered by the local poachers whom she was against their acts of poaching the mountain gorillas. Today her tomb or graveyard lies in Karisoke Center just 30 minutes’ drive from Volcanoes national park. The tomb deserves to be explored while on your Gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda’s Volcanoes.
The one hours trek from Volcanoes park headquarters to Dian Fossey’s Tomb is that rewarding experience which should not be left out by any traveller on Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris to volcanoes. The trek exposes you to unique scenic views of the areas around volcanoes national park. In addition, tourists who spare time to explore the tomb are also exposed to different wildlife species like the species of the forest hogs and forest elephant plus even some primate species.
Sparing time explore Dian Fossey’s tomb while on your Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris offers memorable intellectually, physically and emotional experience. The safari tour to Rwanda’s Volcanoes allows you to learn more about the American Dian Fossey who decided to give her life for the sake of the mountain gorillas. While at Karisoke Research Center, you will have a golden chance to tour the tomb where the conservationist was buried, listen to the experienced guide explain to you the history of the fallen conservationist and also visit the house from where Dian Fossey was mysteriously murdered in 1978.
Dian fossey tomb tour is an activity which tourists on Rwanda gorilla tours should directly include in their itinerary because it will help them to know the back behind gorilla conservation in Volcanoes national park.
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