kigali city- rwandaKigali City is located in middle of the Republic of Rwanda and it’s considered to be the Capital city of Rwanda a country of thousand hills. Kigali City is one of the best cities well-known for its being clean, orderly, and organized as well as being hospitable and this has acted as pulling factor for many travelers to book safaris to Rwanda.
In terms of tourism, the City is one of the prominent cities in the continent Africa where a traveler can enjoy various tourist attractions and activities and sometime who are planning Safaris to Rwanda wonder why they are spending their resources and time to visit the City but upon reaching the city, they come to appreciate and endowment that the city has in terms of attractions and other interesting things which are unique to the country only.
Taking Rwanda safaris destination of Kigali City enables the visitors to visit the Kigali genocide Museum which is popularly identified as Gisozi genocide museum. The Museums provides visitors with flash back of the 1994 genocide that took the country by storm and claimed over 800, 000 lives of the local Tutsis who were the main victims of the genocide in Rwanda. The famous Kigali memorial center has an estimated number of 259,000 of the genocide victims and the Museum acts the main center showing the negative effects of ethnic violence.
Kigali city is worse exploring because it’s where one can find Kigali Belgian Monument camp a historical place where almost 10 Belgian UN Blue Beret were mercilessly killed during the initial stages of Rwanda Genocide following the orders of General Dallaire. Before the killing many soldiers were taken to protect the Prime minister’s House Agatha Uwilingimana before they were latter disarmed by the Presidential Guard Soldiers who even took them to Camp Kigali where they were brutally killed. Hence the Camp constitutes of 10 stone pillars in remembrance of the soldiers who lost their dear lifes and this can be explored by any visitors on his Rwanda safaris.
While on your safaris in Rwanda one can also visit the Natural Historic Museum of Rwanda that was formed to protect and conserve the historical aspects of the country Rwanda. The Museum contains impressing information about geology as well as fauna plus flora and biological history. The most interesting and impressing does a stiffed skeleton of a big crocodile that had disturbed the locals living around Lake Muhaze more impress the pair of shoes that was found in crocodile’s stomach.
The other interesting thing to do in Kigali City is the Nyamirambo walking encounter which exposes visitors to the various-cultural commercial district located near the city. Its interesting walk is done by the Nyamirambo Women’s Center and these take visitors through the local market selling local African products to hair salons were one can experience African way of tiring hair for ladies, tailors as well as recording studios featuring local rap music among others.
Kigali city is remarkable city for sports activities such as the yearly Kigali Marathon as well as other recreational activities including the impressive Nyarutarama golf course.
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