primates nyungwe safari lodgeNyungwe rainforest is situated in southwestern part of Rwanda and the park is the border between Rwanda and Burundi and Lake Kivu as well as Congo to the western part of the park. The park’s best preserved and conserved Montane rainforest in the whole of Central Africa is acting as habitat to different eco-systems and the has attracted safaris to Rwanda because tourist visit the country of thousand hills to view the various wild life and plant life surviving in the forest of Nyungwe national park.
The prominent Nyungwe national park was established as national park of recent in the year 2004 and it covers an estimated area of 970 sqaure kilometers of mainly the distinct vegetation types which act as habitats to various species of flora and fauna .The diverse habitats stretch from well-known montane forests to the grasslands vegetation as well as the swamps and the impressing bamboos vegetation and all these vegetation types are unique and beautiful but can be explored by any traveler on his Rwanda safaris specially to Nyungwe national park.
Nyungwe forest national part acts as habitat to around 13 individual primate species for instance the world endangered species of the Chimpanzees as well as the endangered primate species of Golden monkeys, the world threated red tailed monkeys plus even species of the grey checked mangabeys ,among other Apes. The interesting primates in the park can be trekked and watched by any tourists who decides to book gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda .The Ape trekking experience one gains from under taking safari to Rwanda is ultimate and stays in the mind of the traveler for the rest of his time on earth.
Nyungwe national park is 278 species of birds and of the total list of birds recorded in the park, 26 individual species are considered to be only found in the Albertine Rift Valley. The park is one of the finest bird watching areas where bird lovers participating on their Rwanda safaris can enjoy the sights and nice melodies of the different bird species found in the park. Some of the bird species which can be watched by visitors include the Great Blue and Turaco as well as the Crowned Hornbill and the Blue-Headed Sunbird among other recommendable species which can be easily watched in the park.
Exploring the Nyungwe national park means visitor will enjoy the views of different wild life housed in the and some of the prominent forest wild life species which can be easily fund here include cerval cats as well as Wild Cats and Golden Cats plus the Congo Clawless Otters among others .These can be enjoyed  by any tourist participating in primate trekking in the park because the trails used by the visitors when looking for the various species of the primates are also full of other wild life.
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