namugongo martyrs shrineWakiso District on the neighborhood of Kampala is one of those less explored areas and yet with potential to become a famous Uganda safari destination. Named after Wakiso Town which is also the home to the district headquarters, Wakiso District is in central Uganda and borders with Nakaseke and Luweero to the north, Kalangala District in Victoria Lake to the south, Mukono district to the east, Mityana to the North West and Mpigi to the south west. The Wakiso district coordinates are 00 24N and the district headquarters are about 20km North West of Kampala.
Wakiso is notable for sheltering the most headquarters for the clan of Buganda, the home of the infamous Mukajanga who is noted to have set Uganda Martyrs ablaze at Namugongo, the Martyrs Shrine itself, the historical war sites, birds and beaches with the potential to attract travelers to undertake safari to Uganda
Citing the example of Mecca and the revenue that it generates from people that flock it to hurl stones at the devil, the Deputy CEO at Uganda Tourism Board John Ssempebwa provoked the Wakiso district Authorities to undertake aggressive marketing of the great deal of attractions in the area including elevating the statue of Mukajjanga and people be lured to come and hurl stones at him. A small fee can be put for stone hurling ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 and considering the catholic and other Christian population in Uganda, in the region and international level, this can be a great product to encounter on safari in Uganda and at the same time generating much revenue
The Baganda Clans most of which have headquarters in Wakiso can always organize carnivals and this would be a rich ground for culture show casing and market for artifacts, food and other service providers. Buganda features a range of fifty (50) clans which are deeply rooted in the Baganda traditions each with a distinct role that it plays in the Kingdom. The range of clans include; the Ffumbe, Enyange, Nsenene, Ngabi and Nte among others.
Wakiso District is a popular birding spot. There is Mabamba swamp which features over 400 species of birds among which include migrant Species from Europe and the heavily sought after Shoebill stork. Apart from Mabamba, there is Lutembe bay a famous migrant bird destination with species like white winged terns that are always encountered on birding safaris in Uganda.
The Uganda Wildlife Education Center (UWEC) which a congregation of a range of Species in Uganda perched on the shores of Lake Victoria suitable for conservation education and leisure. The Lake Victoria shores feature impressive sandy beaches including Aero, Speena, Lido and Botanical ideal for recreation, sun bathing and relaxation.
There is Namugongo Martyrs Shrine which is a religious site of international significance as it where the 45 Christian converts were killed in cold blood following the orders of Kabaka Mwanga the then King of Buganda after abandoning the traditional worship. This makes Wakiso an ideal destination for religious tourism. The District also features cultural sites including Wamala tombs where Kabaka Suuna of Buganda is raid to rest.
The combination of the above combine to make Wakiso district a potential destination for tourism development in Uganda