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gorillas in the Virungas Rwanda

The Virunga massif refers to an area consisting of eight Virunga volcanoes that are shared across three neighboring counties of Rwanda as well as the Pearl of Africa –Uganda and finally the Democratic republic of Congo. The stunning Virunga massif extents awhile to cover the three prominent national parks identified as Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, Virungas national park in Congo and lastly Mgahinga gorilla national park in the gifted country Uganda.
The popular Virunga massif has today become pulling factor for many tourists under taking Safaris to Rwanda and the Virungas is said to be covering an estimated area of above 8000 sqkm and the well know massif attained its name from the Kinyarwanda local word ‘ibirunga’ which means literately volcanoes.
The volcanoes in Rwanda include Mt.Karisimbi which is described to be the highest of all the eight virunga volcanoes .Therefore exploring this volcano is must for each and every traveller seeking for an extraordinary experience while enjoying Rwanda Safaris in the land of thousand hills. The other volcanoes are the Mt. Nyiragongo which is 3,462 metres high as well as Mt. Nyamuragira with height of 3,063 metres all located in the largest country in Africa Democratic Republic of Congo.
Exploring the oldest volcano popularly known as the Sabinyo Mountain which owns height of 3,634 metres enables vistor to have extraordinary experience. This oldest volcano extends its boundaries to all the three neighboring countries and hence visitors who spare time to visit this volcano enables them to enjoy all the sides of the three countries with special offer of scenic views from the nature gifted country Uganda. The other interesting Virunga Mountains to explore are the Mt Mikeno, Mount Bisoke as well as Mt.Muhabura and Gahinga all located in Rwanda.
The magnificent region of the Virunga massif is endowed with undisputed diversity of habitats, which are of great interest to tourists interested in wonders of the Africa countries and among these habitats include the lakes located at different altitudes as well as the eminent marshy deltas and peat bogs and the green natural savannahs which favor the survival of different pant species and wildlife. Exploring the virunga massif leaves visitor with no room of complain but to appreciate the unique African endowment summarized only in the Virunga Massifs region in Rwanda and its other two neighboring countries.
The different vegetation zones and types that characterize the virunga volcanoes support the survival of different plant species and therefore booking safaris in Rwanda widens travellers’ chances of visiting and enjoying these natural beauty of the world. The wild life endowment in the great massif is more than awesome and no any other country or tourism destination can be compared to this beauty in the whole of African continent. The wild life include the rare mountain gorillas which can be well trekked in all the three massif parks. The Virunga massif is that destination which is blessed with various species which are even rare, endangered and all have got chance to be conserved in this nature feature and hence your Safaris and Tour to Rwanda to explore this great Virunga Massifs will reward you will life time experience.
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