ziwa rhinos-ugandaAt first Uganda was gifted with the black and white Rhino species but due to numerous human factors like prolonged armed human conflict as well as poaching plus the mismanagement of the natural habitat during the regime of President Iddi Amin, various Rhino species were destroyed and extinct in the year 1982.
In the year 2005 good news came when Ziwa Rhino sanctuary was established in 2005 in the district of Nakasongola near Nakitoma village and the reason as to why the sanctuary was established is to reintroduce the endangered species white Rhinos to Uganda. The vision of the sanctuary is to build a sustainable populations of Rhinos and later on transfer them to their original home in Uganda‘s national parks where the other big four animals are living. Today the existence of this sanctuary is attracting visitors to undertake safaris to Uganda especially to Murchison falls national park because they first visit  the Rhinos on their way to Murchison falls and continue to enjoy the views of other big four wild life protected in the Murchison falls national park.
The Sanctuary started with only  a total of six white Rhino animals and of these four of them were got from Solio Ranch in the neighboring Kenya while the other two were donated from Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando and Florida all found in the United States of America. The white Rhino total population in Uganda has increased from six to thirteen individual species of the white Rhinos as of June 2013. The good news which came in the year 2014 showed that one member was added to the family of the white Rhinos and hence increasing the number.
Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary situated  along the road from Kampala to Nakasongora off from Nakitoma area just 7km to the sanctuary makes it one of the best micro destinations  visited by various travelers on their Uganda safaris. The sanctuary occupies an area of 7000 hactares of land which was secured in the present day Ziwa Sanctuary and a license of 30 years usage rights was given to Rhino Fund Uganda which saw then brought white Rhinos in the years 2005/2006.
The counts of fifteen southern white apparently thrive in the sanctuary providing a perfect stop en route to Murchison Falls National Park for Uganda safari undertakers. The initiative commenced with 6 rhinos where by 4 rhinos were got from Kenya’s Solio ranch while the other 2 were got offered by Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, United States.
Appearing in the names of Hasan, Moja and Taleo along with females Nandi which has Obama, Malaika and Baby Uhuru as her children; Bella which has Augusto, Donna and Luna as her children and Kori which has Justice, Laroyo and Waribe as her children, Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary presents memorable thrill at times prompts visitors to plan safaris to Uganda.
The existence of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary presents an opportunity to view the Big five of the land animals as the rest exist in the nearby Murchison Falls National Park including; elephants, leopards, buffaloes and lion. The sanctuary also has the impressive Rugogo swamp where shoe bill ,canoe ride is done and also organizes impressive nature walks that definitely bring Uganda safari undertakers closer to nature.
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