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congo-nileThe Congo Nile  divide trail is one of the recent additions in the Rwanda Safari Tour product portfolio positioned to the west of the country.

The trail hails from Rubavu traversing Rutsiro, Karongi and Nyamasheke districts up to Rusizi district along the eastern shores of Lake Kivu one of the Africa’s Great lakes and an icon product always explored on Safaris in Rwanda.

The Congo Nile divide trail runs for a distance of 227km about 141miles and traverses the beautiful Rwandan scenic landscapes including the magnificent hillsides that have formed the naming of Rwanda as the land of a thousand hills. It a long adventure exploration trail and would last 10 days to complete it but depending on the available time, the Rwanda tour undertaker can choose the days to spend on the trail.

The biking experience is one of the popular adventure activities carried out along the Congo Nile Trail and it lasts five (5) days offering an exciting cultural exploration along with sightseeing. The remarkable sights of forests, villages, plantations, lake views among others will astonish you where you have 1 day or 10 days to explore the trail on your Rwanda Safari Holiday.

The Nile Congo trail features twelve (12) coffee washing stations, three (3) cities, three (3) tea plantations, a range of villages, waterfalls, beaches among other fascinating features make it exciting to explore. There are eight (8) well established campsites along the Nile Congo Divide trail which present overnight accommodation for those intending to spend a couple of nights on the adventure.