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FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) is an international governing body which associates with football as a sport. But over the years, FIFA always has a World Cup Trophy Tour.

However, it’s unfortunate that Uganda cranes won’t be participating in the FIFA 2018 after being beaten by the Egypt team. But on the other hand, the East African community is honored to be among the 51 across the 6 continents to host the World Cup Trophy.

FIFA World Cup Trophy Itinerary

Kampala Uganda will have the honors of hosting the World Cup Trophy Tour. FIFA 2018 in partnership with Coca Cola Africa Beverages are working together to organize the tour. Coca Cola Africa Beverages announced that Kampala will be hosting the FIFA World Cup Trophy on March 5-6th during a launch at Kati Kati Restaurant. It will be a momentous occasion because it will help in promoting tourism in Uganda.

It will also be a bonus for Uganda tourism sector. Travelers who are accompanying the trophy can have a one-day Uganda safari/ Uganda safari tour/safari to Uganda/Uganda gorilla safari tour.

FIFA World Cup Trophy
The marveling FIFA World Cup Trophy.

This will be the second time Uganda hosts the FIFA World Cup Trophy tour. The first time was in November 12th 2009 where the president of Uganda received the trophy. President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni will have another opportunity to receive the trophy on the 5th of March. Later on, the public will also have a moment with the trophy at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

The world cup trophy is an international guest and will be accorded high level of security. The NCS General Secretary Nicholas Muramagi, representing government noted the trophies impact on Uganda.

All in all, Uganda should count itself a lucky nation. Hosting such big events is a great opportunity to sell the country to travelers who didn’t know about Uganda. Can you imagine some people have never been to Uganda! It will be a spectacular event. Make yourself an unforgettable moment by taking part on that historical day.


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FIFA World Cup Trophy to boost tourism – Uganda safari news