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air ugandaAviation is one of the prime components of the tourism industry as it facilitates tourists to travel form distant regions to their destinations for safari tours including safari tours to Uganda. Countries like Uganda that are land locked would heavily depend on Air travel to connect to the overseas world as they are deprived of sea connections.
It is thus significant to note that Uganda will have the first ever aviation expo that is directed at interesting young people to develop interest in exploring the careers and opportunities in Aviation which is regarded as an important economy segment. The event which has been termed the Uganda Aviation Expo will stretch from January 15th – 19th at the Kimaka Airfield assisting the public to explore new trends, air crafts, and market developments and acquiring aviation memorabilia. The travellers of Uganda safaris and tours can also attend the event to explore the Uganda’s aviation industry.
The head of the Vine Air Mr. Katendeigwa asserts that many Ugandans would wish to uptake careers in Aviation but do not have information of what to in terms of training opportunities and educational backgrounds in Uganda and the East African community. The issues of the employment opportunities and their related aspects in the aviation industry are significant to be known to the emerging labor force of which the expo is determined to address. The sessions featuring flight crew careers, training, jobs and earnings, engineering and maintenance are to be conducted at the expo.

The expo involves $1,500 about 4million Uganda shillings per participant which will include; transport, two night accommodation, full day aviation career workshop and not forgetting one hour flight experience in the cockpit. The Aviation industry is expected to grow by 6% per year for the coming 20 years arising from improving incomes, increasing urbanization, demographic boom and emergence of middle class.
The development of Aviation sector is seen as perfect move to facilitating Uganda safari tours including Uganda gorilla safaris and tours, wildlife safari tours in Uganda among others. This is because the travellers will be facilitated to transfer easily to Uganda and within Uganda.
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