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Horseback riding is one of the exciting activities done by tourists while on their safaris to Rwanda. The horseback riding is done on Mount Kigali where you can also view the beauty of the city. Horseback riding on Mount Kigali gives tourists a memorable experience to take home.

Enjoy yoga Class while you are no your safaris in Rwanda. Have Physical, mental and spiritual practices after your exhausted adventures to relax your body and mind.  Don’t have stress after having a wonderful adventure like tracking gorillas. Get to Yoga class to enrich your experiences.

Movies are among the things which can enrich your experience after having an adventure activity. Relax your mind by going for movie nights while enjoying your popcorns. This will also make you socialize with the local people and also have a wonderful time in the country. Movie nights are available in very many places like heaven restaurants, shokola lite and others. Enjoy the cinemas in this country and have a word to gossip at home.

Kigali casino is the one of most the exciting places for gamblers in Rwanda. This is the only casino in the city which provides tourists that experience.  The casino is complete gambling site which gives advice on winning, how to gamble, and gamble articles among others to clients. Try visiting this place to enjoy with friends and have a memory to take home while on your safari tours in Rwanda 

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