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Fly-saxThe Fly-Sax Airline with its CRJ Plane that carries 50 passengers including Uganda safari tours undertakes launches flights to and from Entebbe International Airport. The Entebbe International Airport space has been a fancy of many airline carriers most of which are foreign which is in turn help Uganda to connect to outside world.
The Fly – Sax is a private carrier which has resolved to launch flights from Nairobi and Mombasa to Entebbe two times every day. This will greatly facilitate travelers that would wish to connect to Uganda to undertake Uganda safaris and tours.
The growing demand for low cost carriers in the region with safe and efficient travel especially between Uganda and Kenya has motivated the Fly – Sax carrier to launch this initiative according to Don Smith Founder & CEO of Fly Sax.
With the promotion of East Africa as single tourist destination, such low cost carriers will facilitate the easy transfer within the individual destinations. The travellers who wish to view wildlife in Kenya but also interests in gorilla trekking safari tours in Uganda can connect easily in between these two destinations.
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