gorillas in rwandaMountain gorillas in Rwanda are considered to be the highest exchange contributor to the country and this means that these endangered animals need to be conserved and preserved so that they can continue to attract more gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda.

A funding charity campaign has been launched in position to save the mountain gorillas; this will help in protecting the mountain gorillas from danger and also helping in increasing their numbers hence attracting more tourists to come for mountain gorilla tracking safaris.

 This fund will also involve the local people in conserving the wildlife since these people have always surrounded the national parks where these endangered species are found. This will help to involve the local communities in projects aimed at conserving the mountain gorillas. This will help in increasing the number of gorilla safaris to Rwanda.

Its however important to conserve the mountain gorillas since these endangered species face a lot of threats which affect their numbers in the national parks, these include; poaching , diseases , hunting and many more, this has greatly affected mountain gorilla trekking in Rwanda.

Funding the conservation of these mountain gorillas will help in promoting the tourism sector in Rwanda and also helping in increasing the revenues of the country.

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