gaddafi-nationalSituated on Old Kampala hill – one of the seven hills that makeup Kampala usually visited on Uganda safari visit rises moderately to the immediate west of the city Centre approximately five minutes’ walk from the new taxi park. The site originally housed the Fort and Capital of Captain Frederick Lugard – the first colonial administrator established in 1980. Engulfed in the oval of the Kampala road, the hill is sprinkled with a few fine colonial architectural buildings of Asian design though some have been strikingly renovated. Regardless of the hill landscape, Old Kampala is noted as a Centre for the Islamic community in Uganda. This is status did not come on a silver plate but with a multi-billion Mosque only second to Hassan II Mosque in Morocco on the whole continent of Africa. Started by Idi Amin the president of Uganda in the 1970s, the building delayed after his overthrow until its eventual accomplishment by the Libyan leader, Colonel Gadhafi in mid 2000s.  The structure is an icon of honor regarding Muslim faith and they attach of value to this magnificent structure as it symbolizes the epitome of their faith stimulating Religious safaris to Uganda. The Mosque is built in a unique architecture furnished with great works of art, décor and the amusing minaret all worth encountering on Uganda safari. The minaret provides an Ariel view of Kampala city without necessarily boarding an aircraft on your safari in Uganda. This great Uganda safari product can be incorporated in your 1 day Kampala city safari-tour, Uganda wildlife safari or alongside gorilla tracking.

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