murchison falls game drivePositioned in the north west of Uganda, Murchison falls National Park is one the best Uganda safari attractions that can be visited with curiosity. Marked by different living and non-living features, Murchison Falls National is a convergence of a range of attractions that most travellers undertaking safaris in Uganda are always in quest for. These include; the historic River Nile, the powerful Murchison Falls, the famous Rabongo forest, the rolling savannah combretum that supports counts of wildlife including the big five of land animals except Rhinos that got extinct in 1983 though were re-introduced for breeding in the adjacent Ziwa sanctuary in the year 2005.

The largest national park in Uganda and the second most visited park on Uganda safaris and tours, Murchison Falls National Park has got great counts of wild game that range from cape buffaloes, savannah elephants, Rothschild Giraffe, lions, Jackson’s Hartebeest, leopard, Oribis, Uganda kobs, water bucks among other wildlife species which at times have prompted travellers to plan safari tours to Uganda.

The impressive game drives that are best done in the morning starting at 6:30am or 7:00am or in the evening starting at 4:30pm local time stretching for 3 – 4 hours with in the northern section of the park that is marked by open savannah landscape allow the travellers on Uganda wildlife safaris to explore the above range of wildlife. The tracks including; Albert track, Victoria track and Buligi track are well designed to enable you explore the park in detail.

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