mountain gorillasMountain gorillas are the highest revenue contributor in Rwanda and this means that there has been high increase in gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda; this has helped in improving the sector in Rwanda and also increasing the revenues of the tourism sector.

The ministry of tourism in Rwanda has put in a lot of efforts in promoting tourism in Uganda and this means that conservation and preservation of these endangered species is so important since this will help in maintaining the numbers of mountain gorillas which will later help in increasing the mountain gorilla tracking safaris to Rwanda.

Conserving mountain gorillas will help in preventing disease attack which might happen during the gorilla trekking activities in the national park. The amount of revenues which might be lost because of losing a gorilla is the reason why Rwanda has come up to preserve and conserve the mountain gorillas hence helping in increasing gorilla safaris to Rwanda.

There are many community projects which have been carried out in the country; these are to help in encouraging the local people to participate in the conservation and preservation of mountain gorillas hence helping in increasing mountain gorilla trekking safaris to Rwanda.

The ministry has put in place many organisations which are responsible for ensuring the preservation, protection and the conservation of mountain gorillas in Rwanda; this will however help in increasing the number of tourists who come for gorilla visits.

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