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The gorilla rally competitions have moved to different areas including East Africa. South Africa, Ivory Coast, Zambia and now in Rwanda. The Rally is developing to a higher level thereby hosting the most recognized drivers in the competition which helps to make the activity known to people hence increasing more gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda. The tourism sector therefore sends more appreciation to the you, the government , sponsors and partners for your continued support which has brought success in the competitions hence promoting gorilla safaris.

Gorilla rally helps to advertise the tourism sector worldwide and it takes place in different regions which  results into more gorilla tracking safaris. It also helps to unite different parts of the world as one hence they work together to develop the tourism and increase more tourist attractions so as to attract more travelers hence increasing revenues  to the government from tourism sector .The competitions are a source of  employment opportunites to people and it also helps them improve their talents since all people from different parts of the world are free to join the competitions, they also help in promoting domestic tourism since domestic people are attracted to join the competitions  hence promoting  tourism and increasing the number of people trekking gorillas in Rwanda.

 The competitions also helps at conserving and preserving mountain gorillas since the money collected from this competition helps in carrying out gorilla projects in different areas which helps to increase the number of people coming to track gorillas in Rwanda. It also increases revenue to the government through taxes. This helps to increase more investments in the tourism sector and also increase the number of gorilla safaris to Rwanda

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February 19th, 2014|Safari News|